We’ll Always Show Up For You

At North Fraser Plumbing, we believe you’re family—and family is always there when you need them.

We’re a family-run business in beautiful Mission, BC, and it’s fair to say that “family” is at the centre of what we do. Sure, we know our stuff when it comes to plumbing—co-founder Wade, for example, has been plumbing since he was 16. And we’ve grown our capabilities to provide sophisticated services like livestock water systems, complex heating systems, boilers and radiant, and gas line installation. But what we really do is show up for the people in our community who we consider an extension of our family. Stressed by something going sideways in your home? Concerned about all the details being right in your crucial infrastructure? These are the times when you want to depend upon somebody solid. That’s who we’ll be for you.

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When you work here, you’re family.

We don’t just say customers are family—if you join the team, that’s how we see you too. What does that mean? It means we invest into your quality of life, giving you a healthy workplace and the freedom and support to enjoy your life outside work.

Hi, we’re Wade & Jenna

We’re the family behind North Fraser Plumbing. We’ve been married for 9 years and together for 15. We’ve worked together in different capacities for 9 years. Over time, we decided that we wanted to continue working together, but for our own business. One that would represent our values of family, health, and balance. That’s why we treat employees and customers like extensions of our own family. We go above and beyond for each other and our children and that’s exactly the way we run our business too. We don’t take your trust lightly—we earn it every single day.


What should I not put into my garbage disposal?
Here’s a quick and dirty list:

• Ground meat or large chunks of meat
• Coffee grounds
• Grease or bacon fat
• Rice, pasta, or other grains
• Onion, carrot, or potato peelings
• Eggshells
• Pits, bones, nuts, shells

Basically, if we’re talking about a small amount of food that you scrape off your dish, that’s fine—that’s what your garbage disposal is for! But if you put large amounts of food into it, you’ll experience problems. Make sure to run cold water while you’re using the disposal and occasionally throw down some citrus peels to improve the smell. (Note that we can help properly size the disposal for your needs, so that it doesn’t get overloaded.)

How do I winterize my plumbing?

To protect your plumbing during those long, cold winter months:

  • Turn off your outside taps (hose bibs) inside your house after you’ve opened and drained them.
  • Turn off and drain any outdoor showers or any irrigation systems.
  • Make sure there is proper insulation on your waterlines near outside walls or in cold spaces like the basement or attic. (If you need, we can install a product that will keep things warm and flowing.)
Why does my kitchen sink keep clogging?

When a kitchen sink keeps clogging, it’s so frustrating, but oftentimes it’s not because of a major problem. Here are the possibilities:

  • If it’s only your kitchen sink, your sink drainage may be improperly installed – fortunately, this is an easy fix!
  • You may be putting things down your sink that do not belong there – see FAQ #1.
  • If it’s more than just your sink backing up regularly you may need camera work, jetting done or an adjustment to back grading pipes.

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