Supporting Our Roots: How Agriculture Fuels Our Fraser Valley Plumbing Business

Mar 5, 2024

As a small family-run plumbing company nestled in the heart of the vibrant farming regions of the Fraser Valley, we at North Fraser Plumbing understand the vital role agriculture plays in our community. Beyond just installing watering systems, and designing radiant for animals and backflow systems, our connection to the local farming industry runs deep. It’s not just about business; it’s about mutual support.

We took our first step into plumbing for agriculture by installing a heated watering system for a local customer who had many “furry roommates” on his small hobby farm here in Mission, BC. He wanted a watering option that would keep fresh water accessible for his animals all winter long. We returned to run water for yard hydrants for this client to water his garden and clean his boots and we knew this was a good fit for our business. We love this type of niche plumbing – offer practical solutions to make people’s daily chores just a little bit easier. We have since expanded our agriculture offerings, recently completing a complex heating system for pigs at a local well-known tourism farm. We enjoyed helping them design other aspects of their business as well – such as a 5-faucet hand washing trough-sink for student visitors to wash up during snack time and a future complex farm store to showcase their goods –  these projects are some of our favourites.

Living and working in this area, We’re not just plumbers; We’re residents who eat, and shop within the same community. Our neighbours aren’t just the folks next door; they’re the hardworking farmers who tend to the vast fields of crops that blanket our valley. We’re super lucky to have immediate access to fresh produce on our doorstep, eggs right next door, and a community-supported agriculture program across the street. The Fraser Valley’s rich agricultural landscape is not just a picturesque backdrop but has become a lifeline for our business. We’ve had the privilege to witness and support the food production industries that define our region.

Some of our proudest moments as a plumbing company stem from projects directly tied to agriculture. Whether it’s installing heated waterers for livestock or upgrading plumbing infrastructure in farmhouses, these jobs hold a special place in our hearts. Knowing that our work contributes to the success and sustainability of local farms fills us with pride and purpose. Our admiration for farmers extends beyond their fields; it’s rooted in a deep respect for their tireless work ethic and unwavering commitment to feeding our families. In turn, they support us by entrusting us with their plumbing needs. It’s a symbiotic relationship built on trust, reliability, and a shared dedication to the prosperity of our area.

In summary, agriculture isn’t merely crucial to us at North Fraser Plumbing; it serves as the very foundation of our community and who we are as a company. Hard workers supporting hard workers, helping out our farming neighbours isn’t just a job; it’s what we do every day, and We’re super grateful for their trust and support.